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Velocity Made Good

Delivering Revenue Through Tailored Sales Consulting and Strategic Insights for Breakthrough Growth

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Industry experience and expertise necessary to turn a

minimum-viable-product into sustained revenue. 

What We Deliver

Our services highlight VMG Strategy's commitment to partnering with businesses of all stages for their growth and sales strategy needs, ensuring each element is meticulously tailored and executed to propel you towards your goals.


Our Approach

VMG Strategy draws inspiration from the nautical principle of velocity made good (VMG) to steer businesses towards breakthrough growth with unparalleled efficiency.

Just as a vessel navigates to its destination through the most effective path, we guide your business with tailored sales mastery and strategic insights, ensuring every move is optimized for success.

Our expertise acts as your compass, transforming market challenges into opportunities that propel you forward, accelerating your journey towards your goals with precision and speed. VMG Strategy is not just a partner; we're your navigator in the competitive seas of business, charting a course for sustainable growth and market leadership.


Sales and Business Development Consultation

Sales Process Optimization

At the core of every high-performing sales team is a streamlined and efficient process. VMG Strategy specializes in refining your sales strategy, identifying key areas for improvement, and implementing targeted enhancements to boost lead generation and sales effectiveness. Our approach ensures your sales process is a powerful engine driving your business forward.

Performance Analytics

Precision in measuring success is crucial for steering your sales team towards peak performance. VMG Strategy offers advanced analytics and compensation management solutions, empowering your team with the insights needed to excel. By harnessing data, we ensure your sales force is always aligned with your growth objectives, achieving and surpassing targets with informed strategy.

Coaching and Development

The growth of your sales team, both in skill and confidence, is paramount to VMG Strategy. We deliver personalized training and development programs that cover the entire sales cycle, enhancing the capabilities of your team members. Our leadership coaching for executives and managers fosters a culture of success, driving your organization to achieve new milestones.


Fractional Sales Leadership

Access to seasoned sales leadership can transform your business trajectory. VMG Strategy provides fractional sales leadership, offering the strategic insight and guidance of experienced professionals without the need for full-time executive investment. This approach allows your business to leverage expert leadership for sustainable growth and scalability, ensuring you're well-positioned for future success.


Seed and VC Fundraising

Securing the right investment is a pivotal moment in a business's journey. VMG Strategy stands by your side, preparing you to navigate the fundraising landscape with confidence. We provide comprehensive support in crafting compelling pitches, financial modeling, and investor outreach strategies. Our expertise in understanding what investors seek ensures you're not just ready to present your vision, but are primed to secure funding that accelerates your growth


Pricing and Go-To-Market Strategy

Determining the optimal price for your offerings and charting a strategic path to market are crucial steps toward achieving commercial success.


VMG Strategy brings a data-driven approach to pricing, helping you identify price points that maximize profitability while ensuring market competitiveness.


Coupled with our go-to-market strategy formulation, we ensure your launch is met with anticipation and enthusiasm, setting the stage for robust market entry and sustained growth.

Our Clients

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Chart Your Course to Growth

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